We help brands gain new customers through innovative
influencer marketing campaigns.


Lost Media is proud to provide top quality influencer marketing solutions for businesses looking to partner with the right content creators and gain exponential results.


Our Philosophy

We've seen influencer marketing at its very best and absolute worst. Our experience in talent management has offered unique insight into the dos & don'ts of successful influencer marketing campaigns.

We do away with the inefficiencies that plague most agencies and convolute communication between your brand, the influencer and their audience.

What we offer


We deliver the results that put your brand, product or service on the map. If you'd prefer a messy full service agency that ultimately falls short of scaling your customers, we’re not for you.


If however you're looking for an agency that respects your time, money and goals - a company that understands what makes your business tick and how to convey that through influencer content - then you've found what you've been looking for! 


See how you can make 
with influencer marketing!

Licensed Promotional Material | Automated Promotional Tools | Influencer Qualification & Brand Alignment | Acquisition & Communications | Campaign Managment


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Get More Customers - unlock huge amounts of attention in real time.


Multiply Marketing ROI - from brand awareness to direct to consumer sales, realise unparalleled returns on your marketing budget.


Long-Term Partnerships - create reliable connections with influencers who believe in your business.


Stress-Free Influencer Marketing - from outreach, to negotiations, contracts and campaign management, we've got you covered!


Cutting Edge Promotional Tools - unique automated on-screen graphics that engage and incentivise audience interaction with your promotional content.

Meet your Marketing Team


Jono Fereday

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Contract negotiations, campaign strategist and copywriter.

Ollie DANK_edited_edited.jpg

Ollie Fereday (WAHDIN)

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Twitch mogul, software specialist and chief campaign manager.

Luke _edited.jpg

Luke Loukaides

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Talent acquisition, logistical coordinator and operations.