Do you engage the right influencers for your marketing campaigns?

At Lost Media we’re determined to provide top quality influencer marketing solutions to help businesses like yours, partner with the right content creators. We can show you how to optimise your marketing budget and see exponential gains from livestream influencer marketing.

What is Lost Media?

Lost Media is a British media, marketing and technology company. Within its first year, Lost Media grew its clients from the ground up to become some of the UK’s biggest Twitch personalities. Lost Media has since developed their own exclusive content platform: Lost App, and are pioneering a first-of-its-kind software solution for B2B influencer marketing. 


Lost Media continue to manage a select group of live-streaming personalities on Twitch and other social media platforms. Lost Media specialise in live streaming platforms, content monetisation and community engagement.

  • Our services are optimised for businesses whose end consumers are 13-60year old men. Female audiences are accessible but results may vary.

  • For the best results we select businesses looking to establish long term partnerships with creators.

  • Your budget is independet of our rate and should refelct the accurate spend you've allocated for influencer marketing.

Before you get in touch!

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