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We're streamlining influencer marketing through the most impactful content medium: live-streaming... Why? To help build a world of reliable media, honest ads and love for great content.

The new age of media is upon us and legacy media is being replaced by self-made social media personalities, in real-time.

Live streamers, OnlyFans models and YouTubers are making as much and more than 'big business' CEOs; we're positioned as a catalyst for this trend.

By treating content creators as media companies, we're able to optimise their workflow, maximise their profits and appeal to brands who want to work with creators, as much as the creators, want to work with them.

Our mission is to empower content creators to earn a living doing what they love, which resultantly decentralises media and the sources of entertainment, news and opinions.

Our SaaS partners facilitate creators to buy back their time, which allows them to make even more content for brands and businesses to market their goods and services through.

In short, we're building the infrastructure to return the best ROI for advertisers, whilst ensuring that influencers earn what they deserve.

Influence is Power...

Our Story


Founded May '20


LostTeam Founded June '20

xoTeegan kicks off the LostTeam and starts her Twitch journey!


We are passionate about freedom, creativity and high performance.

Our team believes that for true success, one must enjoy the process of self-improvement, adversity and hard-work on the road to excellence.

With a shared sense of purpose and ambition, we at Lost Media have the courage and capability to overcome any obstacle that separates us from the world we want to help inspire. 

We are not seperated by our differences. Diversity is a strength and feeds creativity when faced with problems or ingenuity. At Lost Media we seperate differences and welcome different cultures, opinions and perspectives to inform our media portrayal of the world as we see it, and not as we're told it should be.

Lost Media is a British media, marketing and technology company. Within it's first year, Lost Media grew LostTeam from the ground up to become some of the UK’s biggest Twitch personalities. Lost Media has since developed their own exclusive content platform: Lost App, and are pioneering a first-of-its-kind software solution for B2B influencer marketing. 


Lost Media specialises in influencer marketing via live streaming platforms, exclusive content monetisation and community management. 

Meet The Team


Jono Fereday

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Client Relations, Partnerships Manager and Contract Negotiation

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Luke Loukaides

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Talent Acquisition, Talent Relations and Logistical Coordinator.

Ollie DANK_edited_edited.jpg

Ollie Fereday (WAHDIN)

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Twitch Mogul, Streaming Software Specialist and Public Relations.


Keegan Thomas

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Chief Technical Officer, App Developer and Web Designer.