About Us


Media with integrity.

Content that viewers can trust.

Paving the way for genuine sponsorships; no more ‘sell outs’...

By partnering with brands who share similar values, content creators can collaterally improve and scale their content-output, by introducing products or services that resonate with their audience.

We envision mutually beneficial partnerships like this, further decentralising media voices by legitimising alternative monetisation methods for all content creators.


To decentralise media both lucratively and sustainably, for content creators and advertisers alike.

The best content creators deserve the best sponsors, so it is our mission to connect, serve and develop these partnerships.

By doing so, we are developing systems which optimise content production and lower the barrier to entry for all aspiring content creators, so that more voices, perspectives and stories can be heard by those who may need them.

We believe in excellence, innovation and integrity.


Through our transparent and meticulous approach to content marketing, we’re able to guarantee better results for our influencer marketing clients.



Influence is Power...


"the ‘dos’ and don’ts’ became abundantly clear..."

From managing sponsored events and supporting our talent’s careers, Lost Media refined its understanding for effective influencer marketing; the ‘dos’ and don’ts’ became abundantly clear, with many agencies burdening both their clients and the Lost Media team with convoluted, tedious and exploitative practices.

Founded in 2020 as a talent management company, Lost Media developed grass root talents from hobbyist content creators, into full time influencers. It wasn’t long before brands and businesses wanted to market their products and services with LostTeam content.

As a result, we understand how to optimise the experience for both brands and creators alike, for fruitful content marketing partnerships, with unrivalled KPI-driven ROAS.

Meet The Team


Jono Fereday

  • LinkedIn

Partnerships Manager, Relations & Contract Negotiation

Luke _edited.jpg

Luke Loukaides

  • LinkedIn

Talent Acquisition, Talent Relations and Logistical Coordinator.

Ollie DANK_edited_edited.jpg

Ollie Fereday

  • LinkedIn

Software Specialist, Talent Support and Campaign Managment.


Keegan Thomas

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App Developer and Web Designer.